A PicoScope (sometimes known as a labscope) turns your laptop or desktop PC into a powerful diagnostic tool. Think of it as the X-ray machine of diagnostics, letting you see the changing signals inside wires. You can purchase a PicoScope on its own, but most people purchase one of our award-winning Automotive Diagnostics Kits. These money-saving kits contain everything you need – just add a PC. 

Why do you need a PicoScope?

Could you use a scan tool instead of a labscope? No, you need both.

A scan tool only points you in the right direction, perhaps indicating a misfire on a specific cylinder, but rarely does it pinpoint a fault. For example, is the misfire caused by an ignition, injector, or a compression-related issue? A CAN bus issue. 

Reliance on a scan tool alone can lead you to “parts darts” where you might find yourself replacing more and more parts until the fault goes away.

Instead, a PicoScope helps you:

  • Eliminate guesswork and test individual components before replacing them.
  • Find troublesome intermittent faults.
  • Investigate vehicle problems when there are no, multiple, or misleading fault codes.
  • Diagnose charging and starting faults.
  • Trace problems with actuators that are not monitored by the ECU, such as motors and injectors.
  • Identify mechanical problems such as compression and slipped / incorrectly fitted timing belts.
  • Prove the source of an Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) problem. 
  • Report your findings back to your managers and customers

As a technician, a PicoScope brings you faster, more efficient diagnostics and a clear understanding of the vehicle’s workings.

As workshop owner, a PicoScope gives you a “fix it right” culture, with fewer parts changed on guesswork, and increased customer satisfaction, repeat business and profits.

Protecting your investment

When you purchase any diagnostic tool, you spend not only money but also time learning how best to use it. We protect that investment in three ways.

  1. Our products provide features that help you if you are just starting with oscilloscope diagnostics, yet but also have the power and tools demanded by experienced users.
  2. We do not compromise on quality or specifications – the PicoScope you buy today will remain an essential part of your diagnostic toolbox ten years from now.
  3. Our regular, free, software updates and new feature releases improve the capabilities of your PicoScope with time.

With all this, it is no surprise that more vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket customers choose PicoScope than any other oscilloscope. 


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