Autoland Scientech

Autoland Scientech has been manufacturing quality automotive diagnostic equipment for over 25 years. With headquarters in Taiwan and distributing  to Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Europe and other countries.

Autoland is a manufacturer of well known brand series of iSCAN and VEDIS. His predecessor legacy VEDIS 1 & 2, OB91 and iSCAN 1, 2 and 2WT. Autoland started out producing engine analyzers as its primary focus. In the early 90s along with the inception of OBD Autoland was the first one to design an aftermarket handheld device that could diagnose Mercedes Benz, BMW and many other model of vehicles. 

Autoland has always strived to provide not only quality Diagnostics but affordable Diagnostics and innovative solutions for diagnostics. Autoland was the first aftermarket company to provide the ability to share with others the power of accessing diagnostic software for over 40 brands (Now over 60) paying a low cost license subscription. 

 iSCAN 3


iSCAN 3e

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